Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Four things

Four Shows I Watch

Four things I’m passionate about
*My kids/family
*My faith

Four phrases I use a lot
*No worries

Four things I’ve learned from the past
*Play nice with the other kids
*Oreos make things better
*Running makes you feel better
*Tell people your big plans

Four places I’d love to go
*Grand Cayman Islands
*Take my hubby and kids to Disney.... (land or world)
*New York

Four things I did today
*Started quilting a quilt
*made dinner
*Spent money! :)

Four things I love about winter
*That it doesn't last forever in New Mexico
*Warm soups and chilis
*snuggling under blankets for naps

1 comment:

Erin O. said...

OH, I love this...going to use it! MMMMK, thanks!