Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm grateful for texting

I'm grateful for texting!

It may sound lame but texting is wonderful to me. I have great friends, that wouldn't be so great of friends if we didn't text.
For example, last night I put the boys to bed and looked at my bed, wanting to go to sleep instead of going running. Lindsy said, "Go do it! You will feel better and sleep better when you are done. Even if it's a short run."  She was totally right and I knew it so I threw on my shoes and headed out the door.

I also love texting because I can text Chris or my family with news that isn't urgent, but important enough to not wait for a phone call. Plus I hate leaving voicemails. I talk funny and get nervous! :)


Rachel Holloway said...

ooooh! I wanna be your texting friend!!! do you have my cell number??? if not, let me know--or message me yours!

Amanda said...

"I talk funny and get nervous" - it's like we're the same person. I almost threw up the 1st time you called me - I couldn't get off the phone fast enough - afraid you'd realize what a friggin' idiot I truly am :) I adore text (and BB messenger as the case may be)