Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm grateful for gift certificates

I'm grateful for gift certificates. I would have spent the money else where, probably on food or other things we need. But I had to spend the gift certificate on a hair and eyebrows. So this is what I got.
Chopped off about 6 inches, layered it and got bangs!!
I love it....just enough change.


Ann said...

You look lovely!!! The bangs define your face beautifully :)

Anonymous said...

I like your haircut - very nice!

Monster Mary said...

ok, I've been a slacker and haven't read up on your blog lately but I like the changes. I really like the bangs too. Looks lovely. I'm like you, I probably would have spent money given to me on something else for th family like food. I'm glad someone thought of pampering you a bit. It's nice sometimes isn't it? :)

Rachel Holloway said...

ooooh lala, sassy lady! :) love it!