Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm grateful for 'mama bear attitudes'...

Today, Bee, Glo Bug and I met Nicci at McDonald's for lunch. I needed a coke and Bee needed to run off some energy.
So Bee played while Nicci and I chatted. Every once in awhile, I would hear Bee say STOP but thought nothing of it. (Bee can be a bossy bum when he has attitude.)

All of a sudden, Nicci stops mid-sentence and says, "That little girl just pushed and hit Bee!"

So we started to watch while we chatted. This like 5-6 year girl was beating up on Bee and he wasn't fighting back!!! (I love that kid!)

Don't get me wrong, there was a push to get her away but still...

Anyway time goes on and Nicci goes back to work. I'm rounding up everything and I go to tell Bee, 3 minutes. Just in time to see this girl take Bee out at the knees on a big step, making him land on his neck!!

He lays there, stunned. (I'm thinking he broke his neck or arm or....)

I run to him and pick him up. He's not broke.

SOoooOO Mama Bear Krista comes out.

I go find Mama of said Brat and said, "Your kid is a bully. She just knocked down my kid and has been picking on him for awhile."

Mom of Brat says, My kid wouldn't do that.

"Well, she did. I watched it."

Mom sitting across the room says, "Yeah, she's been picking on my kid too but I just watched her take that boy (Connor) out for no reason."

(Thank you to Mom across the room.)

Mom of Brat, "Well they must have started it."

Are you flipping kidding me??

I walked away with a look of disgust.

A few minutes later, Mom of Brat and Brat come to our table.... Tell that BOY you are SORRY.


Bee doesn't answer so I say, You need to be nice to everyone but especially kids younger than you.

Mom throws a glare and coughs up a airball, turning to leave.

I'm grateful that Bee and I stood up for ourselves and didn't hit those Brats. (Even though they deserved it.)

What are you grateful for?


Ann said...

Krista, you SO rose above it all!
I do not think I could have held myself down - probably I would have scolded the brat good, and then the brat's mother when she would appear to defend her little angel *grins*. It just shows that she was definately not paying ANY attention too her child for a very long time... Poor girl.

Jenny said...

Way to go!!! You did the brave thing as a mom. Something I never did as a young mom.