Monday, November 24, 2008


Why do numbers mean sooo much to us? Like these. Go read and follow this chicas page because she is so funny and real!

2 days until my dad and his girlfriend get here

10,000 things that need to be cleaned before they get here

8 days left of my sister here

20 followers to this blog...I love even numbers!

30 days until Christmas

6 quilts I need to finish before then

18 months we have been trying to have another kid

1 hole in my carpet from 1 malamute! (note the only odd number is bad! Stupid dog!!)

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Nicci said...

I can't believe Kass is staying for that long, super cool! I totally get the dog thing. I have one puppy but she has dug many holes in the backyard. I wish she would stop because it's making me very angry. :o) Have a great week!

Rachel said...

How cute is your blog! I will be back for sure!
I see you are in Alaska, I have two brothers that live in Fairbanks, someday my little family is going to go and visit. I would love to see all the scenery! I don't think pictures do Alaska justice. :)

binks said...


binks said...

Dumb dog.
I didn't want you to have an uneven number of comments. That would be bad.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

COOL list with numbers! I need to check out the link!

Taron deeds said...

You have too much time your hands!