Friday, January 18, 2013

Our trip to abq

Our trip to abq January 4th was a story to tell!

My blood doctor called in a favor to her throat doctor friend, to see me as soon as possible. (He's next available new patient is June.) so she called and said I have an appt tomorrow, Friday the 4th at 1130am. I hung up and thought about it and thought, oh why not? Not as well get this consultation appointment so when the ducks are in a row, I can have my tonsils out as soon as possible. I call back and said, "Yes. We will be there."

That was before I knew the weather forecast. By 730pm, there was ice on the roads, from the rain of the day, freezing over. They even let people out of work early so they could get home Thursday, before the roads froze. I just figured it was just like every other time they said it was going to snow, it would a half an inch and be gone by noon the next day.

Well there was still snow on the ground at when I packed up the boys and left the house at 4am. We got on the highway and I only felt comfortable going 45mph. Now that says a lot because I'm not know for my slow driving. So we get through town and out the roads between Alamogrdo and Tulie, and I want to see how much traction I actually have. So I gently up on the brakes, going 45mph...I lose control of my backend. I slow down to 35mph, put the truck in 4WD and brake again...I lose it again. I slowed down and turned around. If I lost traction in 4WD at 35mph, it was time to get off the road. Plus if I drove 35mph the 200 miles to ABQ, it would take forever and I would miss my appointment anyway.

It was a good thing I turned around because I got home and the DOT closed part of the highway that goes to ABQ, in 3 different places. One was where the trucks are on their sides, in the median. They also closed the pass to Ruidoso, Cloudcroft and Las Cruces, Thursday early morning. I didn't see a single trucker on the road from base to Tulie and back. That's extremely rare around here.

So we ate our McDonald's breakfast in the kitchen and we got out a train set I bought online for $5.00. Bee and Globug were happy campers!! We all took naps and just had a lazy cold day. The base was quiet because no one wanted to be driving around. We didn't even get mail that day.

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