Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Random Acts of Kindness Birthday

My Dad and Christine gave for my birthday. It was soooo wonderful to see my Dad. Even though he just drove with us, home in August, it seemed like a year since we've seen him.

On my birthday, I dropped Bee off at school and I went to breakfast! Megen planned birthday at Denny's with a bunch of girls. I was amazed at how many people came!! Lisa Westover and kiddos, Shauna Woods and kiddo, Kristin Mayne and son, Amy Boyden and girls, Tami Gordon and boys, Sarah Kottier, Amanda Osburne, Betsy Fisher, Claire and Cali Spencer, and Megen Westwood. It was a HUGE table at Denny's. some of the food was late, some was cold, but I had a good time. It was just really fun to see everyone and talk to everyone. Paid for someone's breakfast and we left a big tip for the waitress.

After breakfast, Betsy, Megen and I jumped in my truck. Tami following behind us, to go do our RAOK's! I had it all mapped out what to do first and everything BUT the weather was not playing nice! So we started with the pregnancy help place on Florida. They take donations for baby clothes, blankets and toys. After that, Tami went home. It was way too cold for her and a lot of work to haul the boys around. I completely understood. I don't think I would have done it if I had to take the boys!!

So next we went to the senior center and dropped off greeting cards so the people could send Christmas cards out even though they couldn't leave the center.

Then the laundry mat, I taped laundry soap packs to the machine.

Then we went to Hasting's and got some dollar bills. We stuck a dollar in a couple quilting magazines! (Gotta help out the quilters!) Then we each put $5 in our favorite book. I stuck it in Mama Llama in honor of my boys' favorite book. Megen did the Hunger Games and Betsy, I think, did Little House on the Prairie.

Then we went to the Red Box outside Walgreens and taped popcorn bags to the machine. Some lady that was buying a movie told us that we would get a ticket if we parked there again. We all just laughed at her and waited for her to leave so we could tape more popcorn to that machine! We jumped in the truck and hid matchbox cats in the Almeda playground.

We dropped Megen back off at her van at Denny's and Betsy and I carried on!

We went to Walmart first to get the rest of the supplies. We put quarters in the game slots inside the dollar and taped dollars to the machines. We taped candy canes to the ATM. That one was a bit awkward because there was a bunch of employees walking around. No one said anything but it was still weird. We bought a gift card while checking out. As we were checking out this couple with a new baby, talking about WIC came behind us! Perfect! As I was done, I turned around and gave it to the new mom. I turned and walked away, right into Betsy! Ohhh geez... Awkward on top of awkward!! I hope it helped them. Even though it wasn't much, it maybe let them put a couple gallons more in their tank or lunch.

At Walmart we bought a gift for a ward member on our giving tree at church it was fun not knowing who it was to buy for. Just their age.

We returned shipping carts to the holders in the lot. Not a bunch because it was freezing but a few so that other people could park!

From there we went to drop off doughnuts at the Cancer Center but they closed at 12, we were too late. Instead we dropped off crayons and books in the waiting area where there a few offices. From there we went into the back of the hospital to the ER. We gave the doughnuts to the ER nurses. We left more crayons and books in the ER. We left reading books there too. Then we drove around front and went into the area where I get my blood drawn. We left some books in that waiting room. We then, took water and Dove chocolate to the Intensive Care unit for the nurses. They asked who it was from. We said some random people!

We hopped in the truck and drove to the animal shelter. We donated towels and old blankets.

It was around 130pm at that point so we went and bought Arby's. We paid for the guy behind us. The lady that took my money was like, you want to do what?! We just laughed.

We drove to the gate and handed the guys bags of cookies. We drove to the fires faction and did the same. And the military police station. We dropped off clothes and such at the airmens attic.

I went and picked up Bee from school. I gave ms Campbell her favorite Diet Dr Pepper and Dove chocolates. She asked why and I said just cause. Then I got home and learned out the shooting in CT. I bet she thought it was a grateful thing for being a good teacher but I don't mind what she thinks. She loved it and that's what matters.

We put the last cookies in the mailbox for the mail lady. I had Bee go take big cookie bags to our neighbors.

That's 29 acts of kindness forum 29th birthday. I think I will do it again, just plan beforehand. It was expensive to do all the buying parts in one day. I liked the interacting with people ones the most even though they were the most awkward. I think it was awkward because I made it awkward. Now that I have this year under my belt, next year will be better, for sure!!

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