Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This was ANOTHER Christmas present! My dad bought me a Double jogging stroller!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Seriously, I L O V E it.

My goal is to get 500 miles in this year. With Chris' work schedule changing a bunch, I needed a way to take the boys out with me! So these boys ride in front, Dragonfly either rides in the middle, on the basket bottom or I wear my sling. Another solution is that Bee rides his bike and the little ones ride in the front. All the ways are wonderful to get out and enjoy this wonderful sunshine-y state!


Rachel Holloway said...

SO, SO CUTE! You'll be out in STYLE! :)

Julie said...

I have a single, I can fit two of the kids in it. Last year I made Josh and Lilly ride bike. We got a strider bike for Lilly, she loved it. It took a little while for her to get used to it, but then she was pretty quick with it. They loved riding bike while I walk/ran.