Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quilt from Ann

Look at this beautiful piece of art!!!

Ann, my friend from Denmark, made this JUST for ME!! Can you believe it? (Click the link to read the whole story)

Seriously could she have not done a better job of colors?!! Purples are my favorite FAVORITE!!

She made this for my birthday.

I'm just so shocked and grateful for such a perfect gift. Thank you Ann... I will love and cherish it forever!


Deb Menard said...

It IS gorgeous. Making me think maybe I need to REthink my quilt. lol

Nice work Ann. She was totally excited when she got it and couldn't stop gushing over it :)
And of course I couldn't agree with Ann are wonderful!

Ann said...

I am glad it made it all the way across the pond and I am even happier that you like it, dear Krista.

You deserve it!
hugs :)

Laney said...

Wow, Krista - what a super gift!! Lovely quilt.