Friday, September 2, 2011

My quilt

I finished this quilt and I'm so proud. I can take something girly to the hospital now.

I baby stippled around the name and bird. I also quilted around a little birdie in one of the charm blocks on the bottom row. The rest of the quilt is quilted with loops. When I washed it, the big bird has fray around his edges. I totally forgot about that when I put it on, so that was a nice surprise. He looks fluffy!

I'm really happy with quilt. It makes me want to start another quilt.

But I've been having contractions already and have been barfing today so non quilting for me tonight. I'm really bummed but I qotta take it easy to keep this baby in there cooking.

I'll try and get better pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

love it

Maria Wallin said...

Oh this is such a beautiful version of Summer Squares! Love your little birdie and the appliqued letters, fantastic job! =)

Ann said...

Now you take care, sweetie! And keep on cooking that baby good ;)
The quilt is very, very lovely!!

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Cute quilt that is awesome. You need to rest and take care no surprise baby arrivals yet!!!