Sunday, August 14, 2011


I haven't figured out the pictures. But anyway this one showed up so I'll use it!

This is our newest addition. I have been wanting a kitty. Chris had me searching craigslist last Friday for his new hobby, wood design or something. Anyway free was a frequent section I visited on local lists. Kittens are on said I called a few.
Chris and I had a babysitter set up for Friday night...but no plans. I thought we would do dinner and a movie. Instead we went to cruces, had dinner, got a new iPad (ours took a bath, but was still under our contract) and got a kitten!!!!

Lizzy is her name. She's a cuddler and helper of fabric! My dad suggested to call her queenie because she wasn't home ten minutes and she already thumped Diesel, our 90lbs black lab, on the nose. She is gonna rule this house. Which is exactly what we wanted. I didn't like Queenie, or Rocky...another suggestion. So I thought of the only queen I know, queen Elizabeth. Hence lizzy.

So here's to having another girl in this house!!


Ann said...

Aww!! I love cats and this one is really a cutie!!
You could also have names her after our Danish Queen Margrethe the second, but I do not think Maggie is as cute as Lizzy :)

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Isnt she a cutie. I love the name. Can't wait to experience her growing up through your blog.