Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update on 101 goals

I have about a year left on my goals... 365 days plus some. There are some that just aren't going to happen like....

1. Flossing every week....nope still haven't two weeks in a row! (ground me!)
2. Be debt free... we worked out our money stuff and it's going to take a few years more
3. get Disney movies.....we have this new thing called Netflix instantly....I'm not buying another movie ever!!!!!!!!!!

Things I HAVE done though.....

1. Stuck to a clean schedule
2. Wrote grandma
3. Started recipe book

Things I still wanna work on.....

everything else!!!

How's your New Year's Goals going???


Erin O. said...

You know, I was just thinking of my goals list, when I realized I left it in my locker at work. But I think I've checked off the right amount, except I keep adding to it! Yikes.

Laura said...

I made some goals when I turned 25 and I have to say they're going really well. I made goals of things I wanted to do instead of the usual boring stuff. It's paying off :)

Good luck with yours.