Friday, September 3, 2010

August Updates

Chris went hunting Sept 1 for his elk. He came home Sept 2 with kidney stones. Not a good start to hunting season!!!
Bee is still potty training and doing great!!! He does better without underwear on so this is Chris coming home for lunch and the boys eating together. SOOO stinking cute!
Glo bug helping with quilt blocks!
Quilt for V and Olivia (her doll)
Louie went to a new family this week. He was being ornery and honestly, we never saw him. He would hide upstairs until Bee went to bed and then only came out with the dogs were outside. So he now lives with a little girl in El Paso.
This is the top of the siggy quilt. When it's finished I'll blog more about it.
Glo bug helping with quilting again... he helps a lot.
I recovered my ironing board!! I love it!!!!
Blocks for of my bees
Bee called in the military for reinforcement of his new train tracks! I bought a huge bag at the thrift store on base for 10 bucks....they had no idea what they had.
I bought myself a sewing chair!!!! I love it. It's hot pink!
Another bee block!!


Rachel H. said...

GIRLIE! I have missed you so much! Hoping things have been well--looks like you've been a busy bee! :)

tiburon said...

You are such an amazing crafty quilter!

And didn't Chris know that he was supposed to bag some animals and not kidney stones?

Have him call me - I will draw him a picture...

Laura said...

I had an idea a few years ago of making blankets/quilts big enough to wrap around two people... lovers. A blanket the perfect size for star gazing or the such.

The design I made up had a loveheart in the corner like the one in your picture and the name of the two love birds with the heart in between... you can have that idea if you like ;) It'd make the perfect wedding gift I think.