Saturday, April 26, 2008

An unusual day

It was an unusual day at the Waggoner house. I, the mom, got to take a nap! I know, I know. It may be the start of the end of the world as we know it!!
A little background information: we have a new puppy, to follow. We got the puppy about a month ago. I had forgotten that puppies potty in the middle of the night. (Well kids do too but diapers have fixed that midnight issue.) I have thought of putting diapers on Jack :) As my husband sleeps deeply, I have been the dog-let'er outter in the middle of the night. So my reward to myself was a two hour nap this afternoon. It was glorious!! I think what the best part of it was that I wasn't waking up for a reason like Bee crying or the boys making noise or to make lunch for my husband...just gradually waking up!
So after my nap Ethan, Nova and I went to the Muldoon library. It's get to have a library right down the road and I can't wait to walk to it. That was my original plan for today but see below blog for the reason for the change. SO I got the book for the book club and a movie for the boys. The library on base is good but there's just something different about a public library...the smells and different kinds of books there. Is it just me?
OH and I also made homemade waffles this morning. The kind my mom made when we were younger. It's crazy how different foods bring back memories. Anyway I was excited to use a new beater on my KitchenAid to beat the egg whites. It's amazing how much faster it goes when you use electricity.
So to sum it up: I took a nap, made waffles and went to the library! It's a good day!!
PS Lindsay just called and said that we are having church at the old building at 9am because they can't plow our church parking lot. It's brand new and will void the warranty! This is Alaska..did they forget? And isn't that why we have boy scouts away??!!

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