Friday, April 25, 2008

My first..

Hello my friends~
This is my new blogspot. I was told I had to get one because it's so much fun by some ladies in my book club. We'll see if I take their advice on anything besides books here in a couple posts...hehe!

Well I'm not too sure what everybody writes on here but I'm sure this will get interesting. I am crazier than people think I am.

So I just dropped off Lindsay and Torsten from book club, driving home and I see a sad little sight. There, driving towards me was a VW Beetle that looked like it got jumped in a dark alley! It had a headlight swinging from it's wires and a hood that was bumped up just enough to make it look like it was wincing in pain. Now, this kind of car on any other day would make me smile because they are...well just cute. There's no other word to describe them. They look happy to be alive...this one did not. The poor thing was pitiful. I seriously hope this little car sees a doctor soon. (Not for the fact that it's illegal to drive without both headlights, but for my own little world where the Beetles are the happy cars that annoy the other ones with their cheeriness.) Well that's all for a little bit of my world...tune in later for other interesting points in Krista's life.

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Lindsay AJ said...

Yay! I get to be your first comment! Beetles and Bugs always give me a grin too. I've loved their little rounded bodies ever since Herby. I especially smile when I see one with the little flower perched on the dash. Can't wait to see what color you pick when you get one!