Monday, October 14, 2013

Taryns quilt

I quilted my friend's quilt for her. She wanted pebbles. I forgot how much time it takes. One of those squares was an average of 20 minutes. But it seriously turned out amazing. I just LOVE it!!

I made the back too. I tried to go with the design from the back.

This quilt broke my Sapphire belt. And seized Lisa's machine. I had a hard time findinga repalcement belt that I didn't have to bring into the shop to get fixed. Finally in California a shop was willing to send me just the belt. With Lisa's machine, we just oiled it and it was good as gold. Chris and I are now amazingly awesome at taking apart sewing machines!! Chris stayed up all night on a Friday to fix a machine. That's true love. I'm so grateful to have him around.


Erin O. said...

Love how this turned out. And love that your hubby fixed your machine.

prsd4tim2 said...

I know this one was a challenge, but it was worth all the effort! It is gorgeous! And here's to having a helpful hubby around to fix stressed sewing machines.