Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ivig drama

In May, I got my blood drawn on Monday. I didn't get the results until Wednesday. They were 53K. I got them drawn again on Thrusday. they were 34k. We decided that since they were trending down and it was Thrusday, that I would go up to ABQ that night and have IVIG at 8am on Friday.

These are my pre-meds so I don't have a reaction, or slow it down if I do.
IV and quilting the binding on the red/pink quilt.

My view....ABQ's mountains

Doctor's note for Chris. We love Dr. Quintana! I'm so glad she had me stay the night becuase its so much more comforting to know that a hosptial that can handle me in five minutes away, not 15 minutes to a helicopter ride.

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