Sunday, April 21, 2013

Things I want to remember

This is going to be a random picture post but I want to remember these things for later!

Chris and I want on our first date after him getting home. We were one of 7 couples that did this. We chose to do the golf course and bowling. It was really a blast and we hung out with the Spott's too!

In late December, a few of our Congress members decided that they were going to limit the guns we could buy and especially the clips for guns. It didn't pass, as of last week, BUT it has made the prices of guns skyrocket. Most stores don't and cant even get reloading supplies. All makes Chris quite grumpy. Things are just now becoming available again after 4 months and threats of never having them again.


Globug found out how to stick magnets to our metal lights. He's a smart cookie!

No wonder put think the ailens live here! Crop cirlces made by ice!

Globug and Dragon playing at Ms. Claire's house

So want one of these in my dream house!

Slumber party in Bee's room! Globug loves it, Bee would rather have his own space. But they play nicely together, for the most part.

I colored my hairs before Chris came home. I feel sexy and sassy!!

Reading the D&C with a few of my friends, when I get the chance, I highlight with these themed colors.

Bee, without being asked, put the big trash can away. In the process, ran the can down the side of the truck. OUCH!!
I bought some wax especially for black paint. It came with a crayon like wax tube. Worked great!! Seriously you can't even see it. Thank goodness. I got it out just before Chris came home! :) (I did show him these pics but it was worse in person.)

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