Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First rain 58 days

We had an awesome storm last night. Around 530pm it started thundering but it was too light outside to see much lightning.
About ten minutes later, it started New Mexico raining! Huge huge rain drops, the size of quarters or bigger when the drops hit the ground. Bee and I went dancing in the rain!! Glo bug wasn't so sure until the rain stopped.
Bee pulled out the chairs to watch the lightning from the driveway. While sitting there, the PA lady came over the speakers and said hail within 3 miles. We were excited!
Then she came back on announcing constant winds above 35mph until 2300!! I decided that maybe it was time to pack it in.
Just in time too! We got inside just as the hail started. Bee ran out in it and it hit his ear and that was enough of that!! He stayed on the porch.
After that, the downpour came. We had water up to the crib level within five minutes. And lightning to go with. The thunder was so loud, it shook our windows. Keep in mind, we are used to planes flying over our house at very low levels because the flightline is less than 1/2 mile away. The thunder was louder!!
Anyway the storm calmed down to a dull roar by 7. It sure was fun for us!! There's suppose to be more this evening but there's nothing like the first storm in the front. Especially since its been 58 days since we've seen moisture in the air. And longer for us, because we were in Vegas when it rained last!


Erin O. said...

I love the pictures. It reminds me of visiting!

(elissa) Mychel (ware) Hulet said...

Its crazy but I miss the rain storms in NM. They were so fun to play in and watch rolling in from miles away. Your boys are getting really big. Miss you.