Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals for 2012

My word for this year is HONEST.

I want to have the boys work on telling the truth. If they tell the truth, they get in less trouble. Also being honest with everything in life. Continuing to be honest with our bills, tithing, neighbors and friends.

My personal goals are

1. Family Home Evening once a month
2. Date night once a month
3. Finish a quilt once a month
4. No screen days (no computers, iPads, TV) twice a month.
5. Finish ALL of Erin's quilts
6. Bills on time
7. Run 500 miles
8. Read 25 books

Family home evening nights to play games with the boys or do something together as a family. Being in the military and Chris being home is a great blessing so we need to live it up!

Date nights are important to Chris so I need to make the effort to do it once a month. I need creative cheap date night!!

I don't really have a list of which ones I want to finish but I figure 12 quilts finished is a good goal!

No screen days are something my friend, Mary, started with her boys and I love the idea! Days to just be real boys...playing in dirt, running and everything. I know computers are part of everyday life these days and will continue to be. I just want my boys to know what sand feels like in their hair.

I HAVE to finish her quilts. She has been patient with them sitting at my house but I'm sure she wants them back.

This is going to be an easy one but I need to see it. Pay bills on time. I have a bad case of procrastinations when it comes to bill paying.

I have a few people that are going to do this with me! I'm really excited about doing it with my sister though. If we don't reach 500 miles, we have to pay the other $100!! I hope she does 499! :)

Read 25 books. It doesn't seem like a lot but with 3 boys and lots to do, I think this will be a little tough for me.

What are your goals????


Shelle said...

Finding happiness with myself and more accepting of my body. That's it!

Your goals are fantastic! Hope you accomplish each one of them!

Courtney Wilson said...

You can do it! My secret is audiobooks. I listen to them while I clean and run and drive (I almost never listen to music anymore). I finished four audiobooks this month alone. Sometimes I find I get even more out of them listening than reading.

Dena said...

Date night-
A hike and a picnic
discount movie theaters
I'll keep thinking for ya.
I'll do the 500 miles with you. I'm walking though ok?

Laney said...

Hey Krista! You've got some great goals there. Maybe I should join in with Dena and walking the 500 miles! I haven't really gotten to goals for the new year yet lol

Deb Menard said...

So wait a minute......are those "no screen days" including the phone??? I HAVE TO have my daily Kritta fix and you know that!!
I can do the 500 with you, but mine will be almost entirely on the treadmill. I'll steal your little widget do-dad and put it on my blog to keep track visually :)
I'm with Dena - all those ideas she had sounded great and I'll try to think of some others too.
And also...don't make fun of how far backwards I can bend (lol).

Oh and another also...what is tithing?

Ann said...

Love your goals, your are one tough chica! Wooot!

I do not have any specific goals, just strong wishes for a solution to how and when to get our apartment sold and move into something bigger (not really sellers market here in DK, to say the least). That would solve a lot of mind-numbing 'if's and 'when's on so many issues...

Erin O. said...

Love your goals. And that my quilts made your list, but hey, this year was were making a baby. Glad that you are going to join me in the 500 miles. Can't wait to get started.

LuLu said...

Wow, I love this post! I need to really work on being more honest with my hubs about money I spend. I pay all of the bills so it's super easy to hide things. Not cool, I know. And I agree that date night's are crucial. I don't even mind a date to Costco or Target (no kids)!