Friday, November 4, 2011

Dragonfly 2 month stats

Dragonfly had his 2 month appt 11/29. He actually is suppose to be 2 weeks old. So they adjust his age by 6 weeks to allow for his growing time.

Height 19.5 inches (76% percentile for 1 month old)
Weight 9 lbs, 9oz (28%)
Head 15.5 inches (54%)

I can't believe that he has gained 4 lbs since we brought him home from the hospital! He is growing like a weed!!!
Anyone know a trick to stop this? I dont want him big yet!


Katie said...

Oh, I was just admiring how cute and tiny he is! My "baby" is figuring out walking and I'm wondering where my smooshy, snuggly helpless little thing went. What a good looking little dude you've got there.

Ann said...

It is not fair to blog about such a lovely kissable baby, when I do not have one that size... What? Envious, me? Noooooooo ;)

Well.... perhaps just a tiny bit... OK, a lot! He is SO STINKIN' CUTE!!