Saturday, July 16, 2011

Seattle trip

We went to Seattle for V's 6th birthday. We left June 24th and were home July 8th.
We took the ranger to my dad's house so he can use it. It had sat in our trailer for the past two years only taken out to get to something else in the trailer. Hopefully dad will love it.
We celebrated V's birthday Monday with her by taking her to Dairy Queen. Then we got her from 11 am to 5pm Wednesday. Picked her up at 11am Thursday and she spent the night with us at the W's house. We all slept in the trailer. We had a party Friday for Clayton, Bee and V at the W's. We had burgers and all kinds of food. And then Costco cupcakes!!! It was a short party cause ms. V had to be back at 6pm.
We stayed at my dad's house and it was wonderful!!! Seriously so relaxing to just let Bee run for the most part. The stressful part was the dogs. They would run off like once a day. If I had my way, I would have had shock collars on both of them. But we only had one collar. We never made it up to mt. Vernon to get the collar. Or down to cabela's. Oh well. Next time we go, we will have 2 collars!
Diesel got into a fight with dad's neighbor dog. It was his fault. He went on their turf. He got holes in his right front leg, back left and around his collar. We took him to the vet when we got back and they just gave him antibiotics. $100 later. Ugh. Then we came home and Diesel bit the heck out of Hooch. Chris had to sew up his eyebrow with thread and needle. I just couldn't push the needle those his tough skin. It made me gag big time. So now they are both on antibiotic...Diesel's from the vet. Hooch's is fish mox. Same thing, different name and only 12 bucks.
We celebrated Bee's birthday with my Dad's birthday on the fourth by having a huge BBQ. It was so much fun. There was 12 dogs, 8 kids and lots of adults, eating lots of great food. None of the dogs fought, most of the kids behaved and all the big kids had a great time. Aimee and Nicci came up! I so wish I could bring them home with me. I miss them greatly. Aimee and I got to hang out one other night. Went to red robin and tried to get our nails done but I was too late in leaving the W's house so all the nail places were closed by the time red robin was done. I also went to her ultrasound appt on the 5th!! I got to see her little peanut!!! So fun!! Aimee and Megan are due around the same time. 2 new babies in January!
We went and saw cars 2 with rich and Fireant and Christine and dad. Glo bug went too but Chris ended up taking him out about halfway through. I hoped he would take a nap but no such luck. We hung out at dads house and played with the ranger and blew off fireworks and had s'mores and just took it easy.
There was some drama while we were there but it was only from one place. It made me realize that vacations are just that, vacations. A time to relax. So next time, I'm going to try and take Chris' advice and not plan a single thing. Just decide what to do that day. I'm not too sure Marysville is the place to do that. Maybe we need a real vacation to California or Vegas to play that way.
Well those are the highlights. I don't have a single picture of anything because I had to switch phones. I'll try and find some via Facebook.


Julie said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I am so bummed that we missed each other by just a few days. One of these years we will get to get together again.
I hope things are going well with your little bundle!

Elizabeth D. said...

Sounds like a fun vacation!

Hope you're doing well with your pregnancy, Krista - just wanted to try to touch base with you about the String Me Along fabrics I think you still have from me. If you're not up to sewing the block for me, no worries - if you wouldn't mind sending them back, that would be awesome. I'm making this quilt into a birthday quilt for a friend, so I really want to finish it up soon. Thanks in advance!

Erin O. said...

So glad you had fun!!