Monday, June 6, 2011


So I haven't blogged about it yet but I'm el prego again!!!

This baby is definitely a surprise. It took us years and years to get pregnant with both Connor and Logan. And so I stopped taking my birth control to get an IUD in. I had a doctor's appt Tuesday to talk about different forms of IUD's. I took a pregnancy test the Friday before and it was POSITIVE!!

We are excited about this munchkin! We weren't planning on having another one because my pregnancies are so hard. But Heavenly Father had other ideas. I've always wanted 5 kids. But I was okay with 2 because I had such great boys and worked hard to get them here. Now we will have 3!!!!

So this pregnancy has been drama like my other ones. The end of April I couldn't keep anything down, including water, for 3 days so I went to the ER to get some fluids. It lasted a day and I went back on Saturday night. They drew my blood and my platelets were 33K. DRAMA! The other drama was I was 14 weeks pregnant. So when they called the OB doc, he said, "I don't do low platelets. Send her to ABQ." When they called the blood doc, he said, "I don't do pregnancy, send her to ABQ."  So I was Med-A-Vac'd out of Alamogordo, up to ABQ. There I got an infusion of IGG. Chris drove up with the boys and I ended up staying 2 days in the hospital.

Now I have doctor's here in Alamogordo that will take my care and have had another infusion May 26th. I had to spend all day on the phone with Tricare to get my infusion improved but it's worth the blessings. They drew my blood before the infusion and my platelets were below 12K. The lab machine doesn't read below 12K so that's all we know. That's a scary low.

So I have to get my blood drawn every week. Infusions, probably, every 3 weeks until this baby is done cooking. I'm hoping to be able to grow this baby until his term.... 36 weeks. Some of the docs have other ideas but I'm pretty sure mommy rules in these cases.

Okay so I plan on blogging a lot more so come back for updates!

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Courtney Wilson said...

Congratulations! Let me know if you need anything, meals or a babysitter etc.

Andrea said...

Wahoo! You are so strong Krista. Hang in there!

Melinda H. said...

Oh Krista that is such exciting news!! The blood part is pretty scary, but you've got such a great attitude. I'm so excited for you to have another boy. Heaven knows this world needs good, righteous men in the future! Keep us up to date.

I'm almost 25 weeks pregnant. I'm due September 23. But it sounds like if you go four weeks early then we will most likely be having our little boys around the same time. Jill Butikofer is also expecting a boy a few weeks after me. Bobbi just had her little girl on Friday. Lot's of babies!!

Anonymous said...


Ann said...

Oh wow Chica, this is such great news! Congratulations from far away :))
How can you tell so early on that it will be a boy?

Julie said...

I hope that things go well with all the blood stuff. I am sorry you have to deal with that so much. How Fun to have a third. You are so awesome and are such a great mommy. I can't wait until we can get together again. I will be in WA the next few weeks. But I doubt that you will be. I miss being able to hang out with you.

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

WHOA I am excited for you it is definetly a blessing. Do you know for sure it is a boy? Congratulations.

JennyLynn said...

It has been some time since I have caught up with you or read your blog.I am thrilled at the fact you are going to be a mommy once more. Will keep you in my prayers that all will work out for you and baby. Take care!

John Deere Mom said...

Congratulations! I was so excited to see that ultrasound picture! I hope your pregnancy gets are one strong woman! Keep us posted!