Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bee's kisses

Bee has been a pill lately. I guess it comes with the age. Ugh.


He is still a sweetheart. At least once a day, Bee will say, "Mommy hug."
And comes running to give me a hug.

There are times when he screams Mommy hug!!!!!! because he knows he is going to get into trouble. He thinks a hug will make it better. (It only works sometimes!)

Every day for nap, I put him to bed. I read him a book and then give him a hug. Then he kisses my cheek.

It's seriously so cute!!!

It's worth all the fighting we do during the day and the jelly slobbered cheek for that little kiss. Bee is still so stinking cute.

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Erin O. said...

Love the new blog look. And yes, I miss hearing his little comments. Guess I'll have to visit more often!