Saturday, June 12, 2010

My first!!!

This is Erin's quilt. She was brave enough to let me quilt it for her!!!
This is the front! Didn't she do a great job??! She's going to make it into a Christmas tree skirt. That's why I quilted the stars.

This was really fun but scary too! It's totally different quilting on someone else's fabric!!
If you want a quilt, quilted.....let me know! I would love to start doing this!


Erin O. said...

Yes, and you did a fantastic job!!! I can't wait to finish it...and see the others I sent you!! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about your talent.

April said...

When I finally get my house quilt pieced, I'm sending it to you! You did a great job!

Jenny said...

Good job!!! Love the colors.