Saturday, May 8, 2010

Not for the weak stomach

Warning: Pretty awesome but some think it's gross, picture below.

I forgot blogger loads backwards. This pic was suppose to be on the bottom but we'll get it out of the way!

This is Glo Bug's skull. It's a 3d scan. On the computer, you can click it and spin the whole thing up and down and all the way around....SOOO COOL!! The hole above his eye shock is the issue. The hole to the right is his temple. See how the left one is a circle, the right one is a circle with a chunk out of it?

It took a lot of work to get this picture. First, we had to go up to ABQ and be there by 10am. Only to find out that we were on the schedule, BUT not on the schedule....whatever that means. What it ended up meaning was that we waited for 1.5 hours for someone to tell us that we MIGHT be able to have the scan done IF Glo Bug works with us.
Because we weren't ON the schedule, they didn't have a knocker-outter doctor available to put GloBug under so he didn't move during the scan. SOOO if Glo Bug moved, even a little bit, they would have to reschedule. (Which meant either staying the night in ABQ or coming back another day....because his two other doctor's appointments that day revolved around these pictures.)
So we got this AWESOME nurse and the doctor and they both didn't want to reschedule so they got everything ready while I fed Glo Bug. A fat baby, is a slow moving baby!! So he ate, I swaddled him and put him down on the machine. I held the pacifier in his mouth so he would stay calm and then had to pull it out so it didn't show up in the pictures. (It was actually the nipple of the bottle cuz his pacifier was in my purse in the waiting room with Chris.)
After about 15 minutes, he finally calmed down enough to try. We did it 3 times but the third one was a charm. He didn't move an inch for a whole 30 seconds while he was awake!!!! (The nipple of the bottle actually was in his mouth for the last one but it didn't show up on the pictures so no one cared!!)

So anyway from this scan we found out GREAT NEWS!! It's not crainostenosis, which is where the skull fuses together too early. He just has missing bone above his eyebrow!! SOOOOOO not a big deal! It's kinda superficial/kinda functional deal. If you think about how much your eyebrow protects your eyeball, its important. Especially for little boys that play ball and chase dogs. So the doctor's will fix it but want to wait until he's older like 3. It's not so scary to put a 3 year old under as it is a 3 month old.
I'm so relieved that it isn't a disease and that we can take our time to fix it. He has enough of a brow to where if he fell, it still wouldn't hurt his eyeball really bad.
I love this little boy. He has had some problems in the beginning. And to be honest, I didn't let myself fall totally in love with him, .....until now. I loved him...don't get me wrong. But there was a part of my heart that hung back in case we lost him. But now I can honestly say, I LOVE this little boy with all my heart.
We had some great bonding time on Thursday waiting for the doctor. Chris and Bee were taking a nap in the truck, while I and Glo Bug went to his doctor's appt. We signed in at 2:50pm. We saw the doctor at 5:50pm. No joke. They asked if we wanted to reschedule, but this appt was the whole reason we got the scans, and even came up to ABQ. So we waited. Glo Bug in his Moby wrap and I sitting in the waiting room. We met this little girl and her family. She had gotten hit by a car on Sunday. Her whole right side was broken...jaw, leg, ribs, skull. Not her hip. The poor girl was sooo sweet but hated that everyone looked at her. She had a huge badge on her face from where her skull went through her skin, and a black eye and a cast on her arm and foot. So Glo Bug and I sat and talked to her and her family about Snow White and all the stuff little 4 year old girls talk about. It really put things in a different view. Yes, we were seeing the same doctor but I don't know. It's just different. She was hurting. Glo bug won't remember this. Just different.

Anyway here's my Cuddlebug in the Moby. Now you understand why I love this thing. I get to look at this all the time!!

This is Frank. He's our new fish. We got him to be tank buddies with our Oscar. Our Oscar is MEAN!! He has eaten all his other tank buddies and so we asked the lady at the pet store what the meanest fish was. She pointed to Frank. He went home with us. He's lasted longer than 4 of his fish buddies. We're going on 6 hours now! We'll see in the morning!

And this is Bee. Grandma Waggoner sent us a care package and these glasses were in there. Bee put them on by his self and LOVES them! I love that they are upside down!! Gosh I love that kid!
I found an awesome fabric store today. I easily could have spent $300 but I contained myself. I would show pictures BUT I'm making things for people that read my blog SOOO maybe there!


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

OH! Poor Logan. I'm sorry bud.

I get the whole, holding back thing. I get that.

But I'm so glad, like you, that it is fixable and Logan will be okay.

Love Connor's glasses....hehehehe

Rebecca Irvine said...

Wow--such a relief for you. He is such a cute!!

Happy mother's day.

Rachel H. said...

I am so glad he's okay! What a scary thing to be worried about--at least now you can have some peace about it. That scull picture is super crazy!! :) Can't believe it's all these days, huh?!

Hope you had an awesome mother's day!! Thinking of you!

Jenny said...

Thank heavens for wonderful technology these days. Glad that you know what is going on now.

Love the sun glasses Connor is wearing.

we have a new gold fish, his brother died right away. But he has made it a week. Hope yours makes it just as long.

Anonymous said...

We are so happy that Logan is fine! I told mom about it and she was so relieved. And he is cute!

Monster Mary said...

Logan and Connor are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom. I'm glad that you guys are making it through these trials. Poor little guy. We miss you up here.